Along Sydkustleden, you can sunbathe on some of Sweden's most beautiful beaches, explore historical and scenic environments, enjoy dinner at local inns, and visit the vibrant cities of Malmö and Helsingborg. And so much more.

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    260 km

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Sections along Sydkustleden

Sydkustleden is divided into six sections. Choose to cycle one section at a time, merge multiple sections or cycle the whole trail in a sweep! The trail offers a variety of cultural experiences through a varied nature, be sure to make time for many stops along the way.

Hightlights worth a detour

Sydkustleden brings you closer to nature and guides you to many of the attractions in southern Sweden. Here are some places worth a detour along the trail.

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Inspiration and ideas

Along Sydkustleden there is plenty to do. We have picked our favourites.

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Good to know

Here are some practical information and inspiration to make it easier for you to plan your next trip to Sydkustleden. Find out how to get around with public transportation, have a glance at our most asked questions or learn more about Sydkustleden and South of Sweden.


Here you'll find information about what's new on the route as well as current redirections and disturbances.

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